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I cannot recommend Ed enough. When a person is loving what they are doing you truly get the best from them. Ed cleared and healed the land around our home and it was an amazing experience, to feel the difference in the land over the following next few months.
He is warm, kind and funny and makes you feel at ease in an instant.
I wish Ed the very best of luck in his healing life path journey and I know anyone who avails of Ed's help will 100% feel the benefits in a short period of time.
Many Thanks Ed for all your help.

Lisa Delaney

I first came to Ed just over a year ago, i left the room on such a high and a feeling of direction. He was spot on in everything he said to me and he really tailored the experience to me personally, it was exactly what i needed at the time. I came back to Ed this year for as he calls it an ‘NCT’ and i couldn’t have benefited more from it, i brought my dad this time and he enjoyed it just as much as me. Ed will give you the tools to become the person you want to be couldn’t recommend him any more!

Chloe O Shea

I’ve visited Ed for one to one healing sessions and I’ve attended his shamanic practitioner training course. Ed has a way of calming you and helping you to put your situation in perspective. He’s very easy to open up to. He creates a safe space both individually and in groups where there’s no judgement and energy is healed before you know it. We also got our house cleared of geopathic stress with Ed, and feel a big difference. The dog is even calmer! Would definitely recommend Ed for energy healing, be that for self or home.

Rachel Donnellan

Ed is an incredible healer with many gifts. He provides a very professional and confidential service through his work. Thank you for helping me to realise my potential, encouraging me to continue on an amazing journey, offering guidance and direction whenever I needed it. Wishing you continued success and sincere gratitude for your support.

Sharon Maher

I've had one to one healing sessions with Ed over the years, he is an amazing powerful Shamanic Healer! I would highly recommend Ed, he just puts you at ease straight away, very comfortable to be around a lovely energy about him. I always come away feeling totally lighter, calm, cleared, and empowered! I was so intrigued and knew this is what I wanted to do so I went on to do a Shamanic Practitioner Course with Ed, It has exceeded my expectations and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. Ed is a great teacher and I will always have admiration and respect for him as a great mentor and friend. Ed also creates a safe space individually and also in a group environment. This course plus the one to one healings has been a life changing experience for me that I will bring with me throughout my life, and forever seeking, growing and evolving!
Ed I really can't thank you enough!!

Serena Kenny

Really enjoyed the course. I always looked forward to the weekends and Dee's cooking! I'd recommend the course to all. I apply shamanism in my daily life now without even thinking.

Aoife Harney

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