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Join our yearly Shamanic Practitioner Course. This course held over 8 weekends from February to September, based from our home just outside the town of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

We pride ourselves on our smaller class numbers to ensure quality of learning.

If you are interested, please contact Ed to arrange a call to determine suitability.

Scroll down for full course details.

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The Shamanic Course will involve an introduction to being a Shaman, and the healings involved within the person themselves and with others. To become a healer, you must first learn to heal yourself. An unravelling of your true self. This is done in a safe environment to tap into your true potential. 

Please note and lot of the work will take place outdoors.


Introduction / Gathering the Medicine - Feb 25th & 26th

An introduction to the tools involved in the healing i.e. power animals, shamanic journeys, herbs burned for smudging and the medicine wheel.

We learn the ways of the Shaman and communication with spirit. Exercises on connecting to our deeper selves, grounding and outdoors in nature.

The North Direction - March 25th & 26th

This involves work with our ancestors from previous lifetimes. During this weekend, you will learn about healing mental aspects of the self, which are in turn linked to the emotional aspects of self.

We will work on the energy of the ancestors to heal ourselves.

The East Direction - April 22nd & 23rd

We focus on the energies of the East, to see into our future to guide us on shamanic journeys. Using the power of the eagle, the energy of a new dawn and fire, which is very powerful, soul retrieval work is carried out. The road of spirituality is in the East.

The South Direction - May 27th & 28th

This weekend of the South is dedicated to working on our emotions at a cellular level and the variations it involves. We learn to heal cracks in the auric field.

The West Direction - June 24th & 25th 

This is the energy of death and letting go. It will involve learning ways of protecting our energy field and with the people of sidhe (faery folk).

The energies of the West can be the heaviest, releasing traumas, emotional and mental suppression, but the benefits are long lasting.

The Shamans Gathering - July 22nd & 23rd

This weekend focuses on the Vision Quest. An overnight in the forest, immersed out in nature. Spending time alone. Looking within to hear the messages our bodies and soul with guidance from spirit give us. Finding your true self.

Remembering - August 26th & 27th

We will practise all the healing techniques we have learned over the previous weekends. Soul contract work will be done through shamanic journeying.

Final Weekend - Sept 23rd & 24th

Practise, practise, practise.....!

Location: Dungarvan, Co. Waterford

Cost: 240 euro per weekend, plus a non-refundable deposit of 150 euro at the time of booking.

All meals, beverages and snacks will be provided each day over the weekend. All dietary requirements catered for (please advise us of same).

Accomodation is not included. We are happy to make some recommendations.

Coursework and certification upon completion included in the course fee.

Reviews can be found on Facebook

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