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Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies
Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies
Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies
Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies


“Thanks to Edwin life has changed enormously for me and my family and the animals on the farm. Over a long period of time each member of my family including myself have suffered from health issues, last november 2019 I invited Edwin to do a house and land clearing for me. Issues to be resolved were Mass path, freeing elementals Ley lines breaking curses just to mention a few. As time passed the energy lightened, our health improved and the health of our animals also improved. The energy on the farm and the dwelling house is much lighter.
It is truly something that can’t be put into words. For the first time in thirty years I can put my hand on my heart and say I love my house. Before asking Edwin to clear my house I never felt at home here.
Thank you Edwin for all your help. Edwin is friendly, compassionate and easy to be around. Sometimes illness doesn’t come from within but from the energy around you.” 

J.Coughlan, Cork, May 2020


“I went to see Edwin for Shamanic Healing in regards a bad crash i was in and to see would it help with my anxiety’s around being in the car etc. The minute i met him it was so easy and effortless to speak and connect with him. He gave me breathing exercises and then did the Shamanic Healing process. Its only been about 2 weeks since and i can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I have not experienced that extreme anxiety whilst in a car since. It was truly magical and like nothing id ever experienced before. I feel so lucky i got to meet him and experience the Shamanic Healing. It allowed me to really engage with my subconscious- face my issues head on, accept them for what they are, learn from them and finally move on. It also just helped me in general be a little calmer and more spiritual and self aware, Would highly recommend!”

Roisín Claffey, Feb 2020


“Edwin is a wonderful person,and a great natural healer. His treatments are excellent. He gave me the time and help I needed, I’ll always be grateful. I am looking forward to beginning a practitioners course with him in February 2020 as I enjoyed the treatments so much!”

Elaine Barry, Dec 2019


“I had the pleasure of many reiki healings with edwin was so relaxed. He put me at ease. His energy is intense and powerful. Felt fantastic after them. His detail is so accurate he can produce copious amounts of evidence that blew me away. I then went on to have a shamanic journey with edwin and words cannot describe how mindblowing it was. Powerful unique so comfortingand made me feel i was floating to meet my loved ones. I then asked edwin to do a house clearing for me. My house is build on lay lines plus its near a graveyard. My partner and i were constantly drained and suffering severe headaches daily. Once Edwin did the house clearing the energy felt so much lighter our headaches disappeared we had endless energy and Edwin showed us with the rods that the energy was cleared. I highly recommend Edwin. He can work to each individual needs. When he is in tune with the person he is working with u know u are getting 110%. I’ll be forever grateful for all the help and advice he gave me.”

Julie Dee, Co. Waterford. Nov 2019


“Ed is an incredible healer with many gifts. He provides a very professional and confidential service through his work. Thank you for helping me to realise my potential, encouraging me to continue on an amazing journey, offering guidance and direction whenever I needed it. Wishing you continued success and sincere gratitude for your support.”

S. Maher, Nov 2019


“I have known Ed for 25 years. I have watched his interest develop from all those years ago to today where he is practicing Shamanic Energy Healing in the more recent years. He is knowledgeable, patient and will always take on different ways of thinking. He helps and develops clients in a way that suits them. A top lad altogether, I couldn’t rate him more highly.”

Daithi Dubh, Athlone. 7th Feb 2018

“Having always been interested in Shamanic practices and many other spiritual aspects, I was surprised to find an Irish Shaman working in the community and my curiosity got the better. During my 2 sessions I was introduced to shamanic medicines in preparation for the journeys I was about to embark on. Edwin is a warm and friendly person and I would highly recommend him for a mind NCT.”           

D.Prentice, Waterford. 4th Feb 2018

“Ed is a fantastic healer, his professionalism and welcoming manner had me at ease straight away. I’ve had two sessions off Ed and will defiantly be making this a regular thing! I went here in need of some healing and came away from him feeling a million times better in myself! Thanks again!”

Sophie Gearon, Cork. 29th August 2017

“Ed is a wonderful healer steeped in the shamanic tradition.I found my journey to anchestoral healing with him to be quiet powerful and freeing.He has protected me from the elements that cause harm to the body and mind.He is authentic he is what he says he is.He walks the path of the shaman.Thank you so much Ed”

Ursula, Lismore, Co. Waterford. 20th July 2017

“Edwin is an amazing energy healer and puts you at ease, straight away in his presence. He has helped me in so many ways and has rid me of my anxiety and over thinking over the past couple of months. I feel I have made a friend in Ed, and have recommended his work to so many people. It’s an incredible experience and I’m so glad I am changing for the better and feeling happy in myself again. Many thanks again Ed and I will be in touch soon.”

Roisin Murphy, Cork. 6th June 2017

“There are no words to put down in this review to describe how Ed had helped me get on with one of the most hardest and challenging times in my life!! I could not hear my gut instinct anymore to make the right decisions and then when life throws you lemons,you cant manage it! Ed used many of his healing techniques that grounded me as a person and helped me reflect on certain situations and deal with them better! I would have always taught that mediation is not for me but it really works and i feel happy again, energetic and enthusiastic about of whats ahead of me! Ed has shown me great tips and tricks to keep me strong and i cant send my gratitude to him enough! Anyone out there that feels a little lost on there path you should consider Ed and his great healing”         

“For the bones of the last two years I have suffered with suicidal thoughts. I was pretty much unable to leave my home with chronic anxiety and this became my normal. I forgot what good food tasted like or what it was to feel happy and peaceful and had lost myself completely. I had extremely heavy draining energy that consumed me and I was exhaused all the time. I was angry full of rage and cried pretty much all day every day lost and full of fear as I could not understand why I felt this way but somewhere deep down inside I knew this was not my true self. After two sessions with Edwin I now see the beauty of life all around me again and my heart has opened up to the way it was before. I’m so excited about whats ahead of me and I’ve released all of that pain with Edwin’s healing. If anyone reading this can relate in any shape way or form Please go to Edwin and don’t continue suffering in silence. Know that what your feeling now does not define who you are as a person. He will bring you back to your true self. He brought me back and words will never be able to express how grateful I am.
Emma, Youghal, Cork. 22nd March 2017

“If the world is getting too much and you need to find some space in your head I thoroughly recommend spending some quality time with Ed!”
S Williams, Cork. 8th November 2016

“Ed is a gifted healer who approaches every person uniquely. He is compassionate and empathic and has really helped me make true progress”
Mandy, Dungarvan. 2014

“Edwin is an incredibly gifted healer and spiritual coach. When I first met him I immediately found him extremely intuitive and insightful. He is trained in a variety of different spiritual, energetic, and holistic fields and so he is able to meet the needs of each person in a unique and individual way. I always feel so much lighter and more balanced after a session with Edwin…like a weight has lifted off me…and I would definitely recommend him to anyone in need of comfort, guidance, and healing.”
L George, Cork. June 2014

“Edwin is most definately called to do this work. He excudes a honest, caring and dedicated presence and has the ability to build a natural and connected rapport with his clients. I went to Edwin for some healing around a couple of major life struggles at that present time; rather than taking an easy route Edwin was very honest and told me not necessarily what I wanted to hear but certainly what I needed to hear and I have not looked back since! I would have no hesitation in highly recommending Edwin.”
C McGuinness, Australia. 8th July 2015

“I first went to Ed a couple of months ago and I was so impressed with his character and his ability to heal that I went back a couple of times since!!! Ed is a natural at what he does. I had been to so many healers throughout the years all over the world but I’ve met nobody as good as Ed. He has such awareness and insight into what a person really needs. He heals not only on a cellular level but gives great practical advice too and is really lovely to be around. He has helped me immensely and I can’t wait for my next session!! Thanks Ed”
E Healy, Douglas, Co. Cork. 25th August 2016

“What can i say about this amazing soul. I had the pleasure of being taken on a Shamanic Journey. To say that it was eye opening, healing, humbling and inspiring is an understatement. Ed is absolutely amazing at what he does. Kind and compassionate, a true warrior of the light. Thank you so much Ed, I would definitely recommend you to anyone seeking healing, clarity and closure in there life.”
V Kavanagh, Mallow, Co. Cork. 28th May 2016

I would highly recommend a session with Edwin to everyone. I’ve seen him twice now and both times felt so much happier and lighter. He has an ability to get things out of you, you didn’t even know you needed to talk about! He’s amazingly intuitive it feels like he’s reading your mind! A really lovely man. Thank you Edwin!
V Jackson, Dublin. 23rd March 2016

“The first time I went to Edwin I was in a place where I needed a bit of guidance. I was going through a dark stage in my life and I usually try to overcome these struggles on my own through my own faith and beliefs. This time I needed help and when I spoke to Edwin on the phone before my first appointment, he spoke with great confidence and passion about what he does and spent quite a while on the phone. I have been to Edwin 5/6 times in the last 6 months and after each session I am inspired and my strength is regained. He truly is gifted in what he does and genuinely loves helping people. Heart of gold! Thanks Edwin”
M Ni Mhurchu, Midleton, Co. Cork. 20th December 2015

“On my first visit to Edwin I felt I was stuck in a rut and had some sort of block in mindset about moving on in my life. After two visits I felt like a completely different person! Edwin’s work has had an amazing effect. Edwin genuinely cares and has helped me overcome obstacles in my life that I thought I’d never overcome!! Highly recommended!”
O McCarthy, Blarney, Co. Cork. 16th January 2016

“Edwin is a powerful healer with insight into healing all aspects of your life. He is friendly, open and easy to talk to. I visited last week and felt fantastic afterwards. I highly recommend meeting with Energy Healer as he can help you towards a better you spiritually, emotionally and physically too! See ya again sometime Edwin.”
S Ni Mhurchu, Waterford. 3rd January 2015

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About Edwin Flavin

Since beginning the Complementary Therapy journey in 2010, Edwin initially discovered his love of Reiki, and became a qualified practitioner in 2011. He has since trained in IET, Shamanic Healing and Water divining (Dowsing), as he found new techniques to heal at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.


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Mobile: (086)4049104


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Edwin Flavin,
Douglas Yoga Centre, Douglas,
Cork, Ireland

Edwin Flavin,
Co. Waterford, Ireland

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