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Land & House Clearings

“I then asked Edwin to do a house clearing for me. My house is built on lay lines plus it’s near a graveyard. My partner and i were constantly drained and suffering headaches daily. Once Edwin did the house clearing the energy felt so much lighter, our headaches disappeared, we had endless energy and Edwin showed us with the rods that the energy had cleared. I highly recommend Edwin. He can work to each individual need. When he’s in tune with the person he is working with you know you are getting 110%. I’ll be forever grateful for all the help and advice he gave me.” J.Dee, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.


Have you ever felt that a place ‘is just not quite right’? The vibe is off? A property is not selling or a business never thrives in that premises.


Land and house clearings are done in conjunction with the Geopathic stress tests on your home & gardens, land or commercial property, or farm and stables. This work can involve clearing traumatic or negative energies, laylines, clearing spirit lines & geophysical work, including ancestral work.

Some situations and places of living can have unresolved emotional issues, previous trauma and vibes from past owners, imprints, portals, residual spirit release work and sometimes curses.
This can affect the living arrangements and day to day life of the people and of their crops and livestock or horses. It can cause a deterioration of health and well-being. In certain cases it can affect the prosperity of a whole farm.

The work helps to release these energies back to their proper place in the universe thereby helping us fulfill our purpose and potential to live in a balanced and harmonious environment with mother nature, the elements and humans.

Land and House clearings are available in Ireland, UK & Europe.  For details and quotes please contact 086-4049104 or email information to

About Edwin Flavin

Since beginning the Complementary Therapy journey in 2010, Edwin initially discovered his love of Reiki, and became a qualified practitioner in 2011. He has since trained in IET, Shamanic Healing and Water divining (Dowsing), as he found new techniques to heal at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.


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Mobile: (086)4049104


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Edwin Flavin,
Douglas Yoga Centre, Douglas,
Cork, Ireland

Edwin Flavin,
Co. Waterford, Ireland

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