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Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a holistic therapy that is used to remove and detox the body at a cellular level of any unwanted or damaging emotions.

Emotions such as anger, resentment, powerlessness, guilt and fear are stored in the cellular memory of the body, influencing the way we live our lives and interact in relationships.

Every experience we have had in our lives has an effect and leaves an imprint on our emotional, mental, physical well being. These imprints can eventually lead to disease in the physical body, and will limit us in reaching our full potential as human beings. It’s important to remove these trauma related memories so that we can move on with our lives for good.

IET is a technique which can be used to energise, trigger and release these imprints and negative emotions in the various areas of the body and replaces them with the opposite, positive emotion or attribute. For example, innocence replaces feeling of guilt, empowerment and ease replaces stress and powerlessness, fear is replaced by feelings of safety and forgiveness replaces anger and resentment.

IET works with the energy of the angels to bring health, creativity, prosperity, joy and fulfilment to one’s life.

What other benefits of IET ?

  • Improves your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • Supports your healing at other levels : physical ,mental, emotional spiritual.
  • It’s a powerful support for people that have suffered child abuse and similar traumas.
  • Increases your connection to yourself and those around you.

About Edwin Flavin

Since beginning the Complementary Therapy journey in 2010, Edwin initially discovered his love of Reiki, and became a qualified practitioner in 2011. He has since trained in IET, Shamanic Healing and Water divining (Dowsing), as he found new techniques to heal at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.


Contact Details

Mobile: (086)4049104


Clinic Locations
Edwin Flavin,
Douglas Yoga Centre, Douglas,
Cork, Ireland

Edwin Flavin,
Co. Waterford, Ireland

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