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Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies
Edwin Flavin - Energy Healing and Holistic Therapies

Geopathic Stress (GS)

Geopathic Stress Tests                                                                                                                                As a traditional Shaman one of my main areas of training is to clear Geopathic Stress

A lot of the work is done where people traditionally live and sleep in the home or apartment.

I also do Geopathic Stress tests on farms and land where farm animals reside and graze.

The most widely accepted way of healing those places, and to find these GS lines, is to use a Water Diviner or Dowser. The apparatus is metal or copper rods, others use certain tree branches in a Y shape as an extension of themselves to find the lines of disturbance.
It’s the traditional ancient art of finding water, and many still use this method today to find water on farms and homes to sink wells.

What is Geopathic Stress and its effects ?
Geopathic Stress is a distorted electromagnetic field from the earth which can be damaging to our health. Natural vibrations come up from the earth and when they go through underground rivers, streams, water pipes and geological faults. It interferes and affects the natural flow of these vibrations which can then rise up through your house or property.
They can have an adverse effect on our lives and your livestock, and create bodily stresses.

Our health can be affected if we live over these areas of geopathic stress for long periods. The most frequent of these symptoms is sleep disturbance. Other symptoms include restlessness, excessive heavy sleeping, concentration, school performance, mood changes and feeling run down. It does not cause any illness by itself, but can weaken our immune system to such extent that our body is incapable of defending itself against bacteria, viruses or even cancer.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says that “30% of all buildings are sick buildings”. This can apply to your land, house or workplace.

Research on Geopathic Stress has been done on 11,000 people in more than 3,000 places in 14 countries. All the detailed records of this can be found in the book ‘Earth Radiation’ by Kathe Bachler. This book has been published by the Holistic Institution Society. Here you will find the detailed case studies and historical information that connects GS or zones of disturbance to illness as well as cancer.

Included are examples of people affected by sleeplessness, skin diseases, internal disorders, multiple sclerosis, rheumatic diseases miscarriages and many more.

In summary of the case studies done, of all the diseases and conditions, the results ascertain that they are linked to the presence of negative influences from the Earth without exception.

Arnold Mannlicher, M.D wrote in a Swiss Journal that in all his 3 decades as practicing as a physician, he has not found 1 case of cancer, where there was an absence of influences from the earth.

Animals can also be sensitive to geopathic stress just like humans. Birds, cattle, dogs, horses, pigs and sheep can fail to thrive in these areas emanating from the earth. It has been known to hinder recovery from illness, and can cause them not to settle in certain fields, stables or sheds. This can hinder their growth and development. On the other hand, cats and insects are attracted to geopathic stress.

Land and houses can be scanned by trained holistic healers or dowsers and water diviners to detect these areas of geopathic stress. Most areas can be cleared of this stress and its adverse effects on both humans and animals.

If the frequency of the stress lines is heavier, ghosts and entities are attracted to those lines. Usually in haunted houses the spirit lines masquerade over the GS lines.

What happens during a Geopathic Stress Test?
When asked to test a house/land for GS, I check each room of the house and area of land where people and animals live above these water currents of disturbance.

I will show you the direction of the water flow of energy lines or zones. I remove the negative energy lines and afterwards verify the removal. This works in nearly all cases with a high level of success.

The clearing is used to change the vibrational frequency back to the planet’s natural electromagnetic field of 7.8htz. Improving the vibe and overall atmosphere of the home.

No House or Land clearing for Geopathic Stress lines involves any excavation work or job costing thousands of euros !
I have worked on houses correcting these geopathic stress lines where people have already spend huge amounts trying to fix the problem.

PLEASE be aware of people that charge vast amounts and can scare monger you into thinking you have to excavate the whole outside perimeter of the house to fix the problem rather than just working on the individual lay lines and zones at hand, that lie and cross your rooms or house.

About Edwin Flavin

Since beginning the Complementary Therapy journey in 2010, Edwin initially discovered his love of Reiki, and became a qualified practitioner in 2011. He has since trained in IET, Shamanic Healing and Water divining (Dowsing), as he found new techniques to heal at an emotional, physical and spiritual level.


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